Taboo Subject Matter

shield-107861_1280Here’s a taboo subject that Realtors don’t want to talk about.

What if you sign a listing agreement or a buyer representation agreement with a Realtor, and you no longer want to work with them but you are still under contract?

First of all, for real estate agents, it is against our ‘laws’ to coach you, a member the public to break a contract with another real estate agent. It is simply not allowed. It is bad sportsmanship.

If I was in a binding contract and unhappy, I would want to know my options. So here they are.

Step 1: Let’s all be adults. Talk to your Realtor about WHY you are unhappy, and tell them what they can do to fix it. On the same token, be open to feedback from the Realtor about how they are viewing the relationship. Have an open, adult conversation about how to move forward.

Step 2: If that conversation didn’t get your concerns resolved,  call your realtor’s boss. Yes, Realtors have one. They are called the Broker of Record or Office Manager.  Call and talk to them about the problems that you’re having. Explain to them what you would like to see happen. They have some options available. Asked them how they can resolve it for you and be open to ideas. The buck stops here so to speak, so work with this person. They have the power to hold you to the contract, release you (through a suspension or cancellation), or reassign you to another Realtor who may be better suited.

Step 3: If you are unhappy with how things are working out with your Realtor, please exercise your options and speak your truth. If you don’t, chances are you’re going to have a challenging transaction. You could be one of those horror stories we read about in the newspaper. And those stories make me so sad. Find your voice, speak your truth, and ask for the kind of real estate experience you desire.


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