Putting it all together: Part 4 of 5

old-phone-1742852_1920If you missed the first 3 installments, click here!

By now you have figured out I didn’t mean to NOT  tackle the clutter on the coffee table nor the pile of laundry, but rather to SLOW DOWN in order to SPEED UP.

Sure it is exciting to sell your house! A new chapter is about to unfold! It is also stressful and nerve-wracking.

It is human nature to do one of two things. 1) Get completely overwhelmed and do nothing or 2) Jump in at a frantic pace tackling everything at once and run ourselves and our loved ones crazy!

What I am asking of you is to choose option 3.  Slow down in order to speed up.

Making the Pro and Con list about what we do and don’t want in our NEW FOREVER realtor is the first important step in that process. It gives us space to breathe and focus for a few minutes. This exercise actually gives us a sense of control and direction over the process. It can help to solidify your objectives. And at the very least, you got to sit down with your feet up for a few minutes! You are welcome 🙂

So what next?  What do you do with this information? I hope you are sitting down because this next part can be a bit intimidating or downright scary…


No! In this day and age of virtually everything online, why do you have to call them??? Because, and trust me on this….that is where your first impressions start. This is actually where the interview process begins. And the best part? The Realtor probably doesn’t even know if yet! Call it the Secret Mission.  If this sounds like a lot of work, maybe it is. Maybe the easier way to do it is to call your friends realtor, or your parents old realtor, or even your own realtor. Which is fine, if that Realtor is me lol, but here is why you are going to go through this process. You are looking for your NEW FOREVER realtor. Okay, I have used that term for many blogs now. So let me define what that is and why you need one.  Read on…

Part 5 is coming soon….


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