The Con: Part 3 of 5

( If you missed Parts 1 and 2, click here. )

signs-1172208_1920The CON!

Why have a whole list of negative crap? Because just as important as knowing what you DO want, is knowing what you DON’T want!

Have you ever been in the position where you are SINGLE and Looking?  Did you have a List? Real or in your mind?

Deal Breakers: Married, Unemployed, No Car, Divorced, whatever….many of us had a list.

You knew what you DIDN’T want, and that helped to identify what you DID want.

It brought clarity to the dating relationship. It also helped challenge you to defend what you thought you wanted. EG: don’t’ want to date a divorced person. Got it. Then you meet this amazing person and find out he is DIVORCED! So you challenge your own thoughts on why that was important to you and realize maybe that CON is not as important as you thought. So off the list it goes!

Same can be true of your CON list for your NEW FOREVER Realtor. Maybe on your con list is: New Agent. But once you interview someone, you find they ACE Every quality you want, except they are new to the industry. Yet they have an action plan in place with a seasoned agent, that you like as well, and it covers all your fears.

Moral of the story, Pro and Con lists evolve over time. Remember when I said there is no right or wrong?  This is what I meant.

The con list will help you see the red flags in your interviews. It will help bring clarity in the midst of information overload!  At the very least it will give you food for thought.

Having a con list will give you a set of fluid rules to guide you to creating the type of real estate experience you want! Remember the example of choosing the type of holiday form the earlier PRO Blog?  (You can read it by clicking here.) If you are choosing a holiday, do you want a totally relaxing week on the beach? Or a back packing tour of 4 Asian countries in 8 days? Both are great experiences, but will require different things from you, AND leave you with a different aftermath. Energized, Relaxed, Exhausted, Inspired….You get to create the experience if you consciously choose it and plan accordingly before you book it! Same as in your real estate adventure. Which is why I had you start here. With a PRO and CON List.  Rather than clearing off the coffee table, or scaling  Mt Laundry! Don’t worry we will get to that… sorry, but it will need to get done eventually.

A word of caution. Once you have done both lists, focus on the PRO list 80% more than the CON list. Yes, the CON list in important to define what we don’t want, but once we have awakened that part us, let it go for the most part and focus on the PRO list. Focus on what you want to create. What type of home selling experience you want to create, and with what type of person? We attract what we focus on, so focus on the good crap 🙂

Stay tuned for part 4….


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