part 2 of 5: Your New Forever Realtor

(You can read Part 1 of 5 here)pros-and-cons-2028471_1920

So you have your PRO and Con list done, and your feet are comfortably wedged on the coffee table between your Nivea Creme, the stack of mail, yesterday’s coffee mug, the vase of dead flowers and the dog’s leash. (Yes, I can see through this computer screen…)

No, why did I have you start here?

Because currently we are closing in on 50,000 real estate agent in the Toronto Real Estate Board, and choosing ONE to be your NEW FOREVER REALTOR is no easy task. You need to have a plan to tackle this mission. Enter your PRO and CON list. Pat yourself on your back for having made it this far.

I am a firm believer that it is important to know what type of experience you want to create BEFORE you start creating it. Take booking a holiday for example.  Is your next holiday booked? If it is, did you book a totally RELAXING holiday at an All Inclusive  Resort in the Caribbean where your biggest decisions will be Pool, or Beach? OR did you book an adventure holiday backpacking through 4 different countries in 8 days? Both holidays sound amazing, but will give you completely different holidays. One may recharge you, on may exhaust you. Neither is right or wrong. But you get to create your experience by booking the type of holiday you want!

So back to picking your NEW FOREVER Realtor.

Your Pro and Con list will help you define what is important of you during the experience of selling your house. Sure you might think selling a house is easy, and sometimes it does appear that way. Because everyone is selling in a few days right?

Not so much.  Even for those that do sell in a week or less (and not everyone does), weeks of planning and work went into the project before you ever saw a For Sale sign go up. 

So your relationship with your realtor is important. You need to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST them with what you want to accomplish, and be on the same page with how to get there. You and your Realtor are ON THE SAME TEAM! Working together! Not against each other. Makes sense right?

By deciding in advance what you WANT ( the Pro list) in a Realtor will go a long way with helping you identify the Right Realtor when they are sitting across the table from you. You will know what to ask and what to check off your list. The Pro list will bring clarity to you at a time when you maybe a bit overwhelmed at your choices. It will bring you back to centre, pointing at what is important to you.  And don’t be afraid to add to the list on the fly.  You dont’ know what you don’t know. And once you know something you can now add it to either side of the Pro or Con list!

Speaking of which, read the next blog….THE CON! coming soon…..


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