Your New Forever Real Estate Agent

chaos-227972_1920So you have decided to sell your house. Congratulations!

By now you have looked around and panicked and realized that you will actually have to clear off the coffee table for the first time since the baby was born if you are going to having people look at the house! AND fold and put away LAUNDRY MOUNTAIN! So where do you start?


Okay, maybe clear off the coffee table. But really those things are NOT a priority. The very first thing you should do is find your ‘new forever’ real estate agent. “What? New? Forever? What are you talking about?” Stick with me. Grab a pen and paper. I will wait.

Okay, now I want you to draw a line down the middle of the page. At the top of one side of the line write PRO and the other side write CON.

On the PRO side, start writing down all the things you want in a real estate agent. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You might start with qualities like Honest, Punctual, or Funny. Why funny? Because you are choosing to work with this person in a potentially stressful situation. Do you want to have some comic relief along the way?  Maybe, maybe not. But if you do, do you want a Realtor who has permanent RBF  (resting bitch face)and a sense of humor to go with it? Okay, so that may not be high on your list of PROs for a Realtor, but worth some thought. Did you also notice how entertaining and funny this blog is? Maybe put that down on the PRO side! (I am rooting for me!).

Some other qualities or traits you may consider are:

Member of the local Real Estate Board

Winner of awards

Volunteer work

Works a set schedule?

Recommend by recent past clients (whom you can actually contact as references)

A Realtor who actually has a plan to market the property beyond putting it on MLS, putting up a For Sale sign, and holding an open house.

A track record of successful sales

Someone who is easy to get a hold of (do they answer their calls, or return messages promptly? Define promptly! They may think promptly is by the end of the day, or they may think promptly is within 5 minutes.

Accountability to your desired result

Do they have a Plan B?


Do they understand what you are trying to accomplish with this move?

That should be enough to get you started….

Now On to the CON side.

Basically, it can be the OPPOSITE of the PRO side.




Sour faced (RBF), no sense of humor

No experience (or no backup of a Realtor with experience)

Days off?

No market plan, or too basic

You don’t like them!

No references

Don’t do what they say they will do

Not listening to you

Great! You have your list. Now push aside the stuff on the coffee table, put your feet up and read about WHY this list is the place to start with you have decided to sell your house. (This blog is the first is a series of 5. Check back for #2, or sign up to be emailed when it comes out!


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